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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

day 16 using v2cigs to quit smoking

ok, so I did slip up yesterday and had 1 cigarette yesterday, but I'm back on track now and doing great. Today is my 16th day trying to quit and I still think I'm doing much better then I would if  I did not have my v2 cig, I really do believe it is helping me.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

3 days without cigarettes

I have not had a regular cigarette for 3 whole days now, the v2 cig is working pretty well, I do want a regular cigarette every once in a while but I just use my v2 and I'm ok. So far so good. I do tend to get a little hyper, especially in the evening, I feel like I'm getting to much oxygen, lol.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

v2 cig discount code and progress for the 1st 24 hours using v2

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My v2 ultimate kit was delivered yesterday around 5pm. I started using it right after dinner yesterday and I have only smoked 3 regular tobacco cigarettes since I'v started using the v2 and its going very well, not bad for the first 24 hours. I don't feel edgy or cranky or anything. I normally smoke a little more then a pack a day so for me to only have 3 in 24 hours is a great day. I really think this is going to work.  If your thinking of quiting or at least trying to cut down and would like to give the v2 a try you can get 15% off by using the link below and putting in 199131 for the discount code
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Sunday, July 24, 2011

v2 cig delivery estimate

According to my tracking information my v2 cig order should be delivered on Tuesday!! I'm so excited! I hope to be a non smoker by Wednesday.

$0 oop Cvs trip 7/24/11 Saved $79.81

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Today you saved $79.81
YTD Cvs savings $2,574.95

Today I started out with $23 ecb’s and a $10 off $50 Cvs coupon. According to my receipt there were $38.99 in coupons deducted. I only come up with $37.99 in coupons used and I can’t figure out were the extra $1 off came from.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Quit smoking

This post is off my normal subject of coupons and drugstore sales but I thought it might be worth sharing. I have been a smoker for many years and have wanted to quit for a very long time. Yesterday, after doing much research on all the different brand of ecigs I finally placed an order at v2cigs. From all the wonderful reviews I have read they seem to be the best ecig out there and I have looked into many. I placed the order late last night and it has already been shipped, in less than 24 hours!! I thought this was a good start as far as how good there service is. Once my order arrives and I try it out I will post updates on how well it actually works for me. I am very excited to get started and really hope to become a non smoker very soom, wish me luck and I will keep everyone updated. If you are a smoker ready to quit you can check out this company and there product line by clicking the link below. They are running a special right now and there is also a 15% off coupon code that is good until August 1st 2011. The coupon code is ECR15.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011