Total CVS YTD savings=$3,287.03

printable coupons

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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

.49 & .94 oop at Rite Aid today, Saved $77.43

1st transaction                   2nd transaction
oop .49 saved $32.05       oop .94 saved $45.38

   TODAYS TOTALS    oop $1.43       saved $77.43

Rite Aid shopping trips 3/29/11, total of 2 transactions
Started with $16 ups

Transaction #1

   What I bought                                    Price                             coupons used
2 Trident gum b1g1free                             1.29        b1g1 free $1.16 + .50ra=$1.66
                                                                       I don’t remember what my b1g1 Q said
                                                                        but it seems to have taken off $1.16
2 airwick freshmatic kits                           
50% off sale               4.99+4.99                 9.98           2 x$4 off=$8
2 jetdry                                                                     
50% off sale              2.49+2.49                 4.98              $.55x2 and $1ra=$2.10
Total $16.25-coupons $11.76=4.49- $2 off $10 rite aid coupon=$2.49
How I paid
2 ups
.49 oop
Savings today
Today I saved $32.05
ups received $5
Spend $15 airwick,jetdry deal get $5 ups
I started out with $16 ups, used 2 ups and received $5 ups
leaving me with $19 ups
Transaction #2

What I bought                                  Price                          coupons used
2 beggin strips            $2.99x2=    5.98                            $1 off 2
Get $1 up
2 Busy bones              $4.49x2=    8.98                 2 coupons for  free busy bone with
Get $1 up                                                         purchase of 1 beggin strips up to $4.99
                                     it looks like the cashier took off the whole $4.99 each=$9.98
  • Spend $15 get $5 deal Garnier/Maybelline
2 Garnier                    $7.99+$3.99=$11.98               $3+$2=$1ra=$6
moisture rescue
buy 1 get 1 50% off
2 Maybelline eye
buy 1 get 1 50% off     $5.99+$2.99=8.98                $1.50+$1.50=$3
Spend $15 Garnier/Mabelline get $5 up
Total $35.92-coupons $19.98=$15.94-$2 off $10 video value=$13.94
How I paid
$13 ups
  .94 oop
Savings today
Today I saved $45.38
ups received $7
Garnier/Maybelline deal spend $15 get $5 ups
Beggin strips $1 up each, I bought 2 so I received $2 ups for these
I started with $19 ups, used $13 ups and received $7 ups
leaving me with $13 ups to use next week
Todays total oop on both transaction     $1.43
Todays total saved on both transactions $77.43

Sunday, March 27, 2011

.02 cents CVS shopping trip for 3/27/11

My CVS shopping trip 3/27/11 total of 1 transaction
only .02 cents out of pocket, saved $46.89
click the read more tag to read the whole post

Thursday, March 24, 2011

CVS sneak peak ad preview for 3/27-4/2

CVS ad scan for 3/27-4/2

Thanks to Didie at We Use Coupons for the CVS ad scan (she thanks Rydergal @ SD).  

todays free sample

.56 oop at Rite Aid today, saved $30.74

.56 oop at Rite Aid today, saved $30.74
My Rite Aid shopping trip 3/24/11 only 1 transaction today
Transaction #1
Today  I started out with $19 ups bucks to use from previous weeks
What I bought                       Price                        Coupons used
2 Lysol wipes @ $1.99x2=       $3.98                         $1
Get $1 ups each=2ups
2 old spice red zone deodorant 2/$7 
2 old spice body wash                 2/$7      
   2 coupons-buy 1 deodorant get 1 body wash free=$7 and 2  $1=$2
   total coupons for this deal                                    $9
Get $1 ups on 2 old spice, received $2 ups total
2 betty crocker items @ 2/4=$4                      RA Q $1 MQ $1 
Get $1 ups on 2
1 single choc. covered cherrie .33 (needed this to up my total for ups bucks being used)
               Total  $22.31-coupons $12=$10.31+ tax .25=10.56
How I paid
$2 off $10 video value RAQ
$8 ups
$   .56 oop
Savings Today
wellness saving = $8.74
coupon savings = $22
Today I saved $30.74
ups  received  $5
plus $1 RA single check rebate to submit  for the 2 Lysol wipes
Buy 2 betty crocker get $1 up
Buy 2 old spice get $1 up x 2=$2 up (I bought 4)
Buy 1 Lysol get $1 up x 2=$2 up (I bought 2)
Total ups received           $5 plus $10ups  leftover
I now have $15ups for my next trip to rite aid

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Tips on how to get coupons for your shopping trips

  • The Sunday paper- if I see there are a lot of good coupons I buy more then one paper 
  • online printable- (see my list of sites below that you can print coupons from)

coupon printable sites

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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Todays shopping trip 3/20/11

My CVS shopping trip 3/20/11
Saved $78.46 Paid $3.45 YTD savings $1310.86
 total of 2 transactions
Transaction #1
Today  I started out with $21.98ecb to use from last weeks deals
What I bought    Price          Coupons used
Cobroxin                    $18.99             none
Get $18.99 ecb
Glide dental floss       $3.49                $1 off 1
Get $2.50ecb
2 Salonpas  $2.49x2=$4.98             2 x $3=$6
no ecb’s for these
     Total  $27.46-coupons $7=$20.46
How I paid
$   .47 oop
Used my free cvs gift card to pay the .47 making my oop $0
my receipt states-Today you saved $29.29
ecb’s received
Buy Cobroxin get $18.99 ecb
Buy Crest or oral B get $2.50 ecb
Total ecb’s received           $21.49 pluse $1.99ecb  leftover
2nd Transaction
   started with $23.48ecb
What I bought        Price          Coupons used
Allegra 5ct.                        $6.99             $2 off 1
Get $6.99ecb
2 Arm and Hammer          $6.99
Spin brush                         $6.99            2 x $3=$6
Get $2ecb limit 2. I purchased 2 so I received $4ecb for this deal
2 Oral B                                $5.49   B1G1 free up to $2.99
2pk manual toothbrushes $5.49   $1 off 1 = total coupons $3.99
Get $2ecb limit 2. I purchased 2 so I received $4ecb for this deal
5 Reese pb eggs .50eachx5=$2.50   $2 cvs reeses cadbury coupon
5 Cadbury egg   .50 (somehow there is only 1 of these on my receipt, I didn't notice this until I came home)
2 bags Hershey bliss $4x2=$8           $1.50 cvs coupon, $1 manufacturer
Get $3ecb when you buy $10 Hershey easter candy
Total $42.95-coupons $16.49
How I paid
$2.98 oop
Used my free CVS gift card to pay the $2.98 making my oop $0
My receipt states-Today you saved $48.47
ecb’s received
Allegra                                   $6.99
2 Arm and Hammer s
spin brush                              $4
2 Oral B manual brush 2pks  $4
Hershey spend $10 Get          $3
Total ecb’s received             $17.99
Total YTD savings including these 2 transactions is $1310.86

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Today's Free sample:  3/20/11

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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Free Sample of Emergen-C vitamin drink mix

Free Sample of Emergen-C vitamin drink mix

Allegra money maker after coupon and ecb's

Allegra allergy on sale for $6.99
receive $6.99ecb's with purchase!!
$4 printabe coupon available at
money maker after coupon and ecb's

Cobroxin homeopathic oral spay for chronic pain on sale for $18.99
receive $18.99ecb's with purchase

These 2 items will definitely be on my list to buy next week!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Planning your trip to CVS is a big part of the drugstore game. Before headed to the store you need to know what’s on sale, what sales come with ecb’s and you must have all the coupons you will need with you. Matching up the sales, ecb’s deals and coupons, both cvs coupons and manufacturer coupons before you go. Don’t forget you extra care card!!

   Start by looking over the weekly sale flyer taking note to the deals that will give you ecb with your purchase, you will use these ecb’s earned on your next  shopping trip

   I always make a list of possible items to purchase, then I check to see what I also have coupons for, this makes for the biggest savings.

   If an item is on sale as buy one get one free and you have a coupon for that item that is also buy one get one free you will get both items free.

  When you walk into your cvs always scan your ecb card on the coupon scanner, usually located at the front of the store, you can combine cvs coupons along with manufacturer coupons as long as the coupons match up to the item.

   Read others posted shopping trips-I found this very helpful when I was just started off, it helps you to get the idea of how it all fits together and how to get your total oop down to penny’s.

   If you are just staring out and you want to spend very little out of pocket you can do more then one transition and roll over your extra care bucks, there is an example of mine from 3/8/11 were I do 3 separate transaction in 1 shopping trip to spend the least amount of money. If you do not have any ecb to start you will be spending  some money out of pocket for the first few weeks but it will be worth it.

    After awhile the employees at your store will get to know you and see what you are trying to do, they actually get excited too as they start taking off your coupons and ecb’s watching your total get down lower and lower. They were excited for me when I finally got the hang of it and left paying only cents on my order. One of the cashiers at my store even said she would like me to teach her how to do this, I thought being she worked there she knew this already, but surprisingly she didn’t. Sometimes the cashiers will even help you, a few months ago I had a $5 off a $30 purchase and my total came to $29.75 or something like that, I was going to buy a candy bar to get my total to $30 and she said no, wait, just buy this single chocolate covered cherry, it’s cheaper and will get you to your $30. I really do have fun doing this and the employees at my store know I do.

Don’t forget to check your stores clearance sections, often times if you have a coupon for something on clearance it ends up being free or even less then free!! Last month my store had the Thermacare heat patches on clearance for .85 cents and I had coupons for $1 off 1, this was a money maker for me and I bought several of them.

My CVS shopping trips 3/8/11 total of 3 transactions

Example of rolling over your ecb’s, 3 separate transactions in 1 trip to pay the least out of pocket

Somehow I had 3 cvs coupons for $4 off a $20 purchase, this is unusual to get 3 of these in one week. You will find these in several places, at the bottom of a receipt, from the cvs scanner machine, in an email from cvs, in the mail from cvs. I think the 3 I had came from, 1 the bottom of my receipt when I picked up a prescription, 2 in an email, 3 the scanner machine.

1st transaction

What I bought              Price                        Coupons used
2 bags nestles bf eggs          2.50x2=$5         $1 off 2

2 bags nestles crunch eggs 2.50x2=$5        $1 off 2

2 bags sweet tart Easter    2.49x2=$4.98     2- .55x2=$1.10

3 bags whopper robin eggs 2x3=$6            $1 off 3

           Total $20.98- coupons $4.10=$16.88

How I paid

used $4 off 20 coupon
used $12 ecb
oop  .88

Used my free cvs gift card to pay the .88 making my oop $0
my receipt states-Today you saved $26.09

ecb’s received

spend $10 Easter candy get $3 ecb
spend $10 Easter candy get $3 ecb

Total ecb’s received           $6

2nd transaction                                                                                    

What I bought          Price               Coupons used

2 Wisk                  $5x2=$10            2x $2=$4

2 Pledge               $3x2=$6              b1g1 free=$3+$1= $4

2 Glade refills        $3x2=$6             2x$1=$2

Total $22-$10 coupons=$12

How I paid

used $4 off $20 coupon
used $7.99 ecb
oop $.01-one penny!!

My receipt states-Today you saved $42.73

ecb’s received

2 Wisk   $2
 Glade and Pledge, spend $12 get $4

Total ecb received   $6

3rd Transaction                                                               

What I bought          Price                Coupons used

Revlon nail polish     $4.99              $1

Revlon eye loner       $7.49              $1

Old spice deodorant $4.99             

Old spice body wash $4.89            $4.89 coupon for free body wash with purchase of deodorant

Totals           $22.36--$6.89 coupons=$15.47+.03 tax=$15.50

How I paid

used $4 off $20 coupon
used $11 ecb’s
oop   .50 cents

My receipt states- today you saved  $27.19

ecb’s received

Revlon eye liner $4
Revlon nail polish $3
Old spice deodorant $1

Total ecb’s received $8

My total saving for the day was $96.01
My total items on sale prices was $65.34
My total coupons used was $32.99
My total out of pocket for all 3 transactions $1.39 not counting the cvs gift card I used
and I left the store with $21.98  ecb’s to use next week

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

My CVS shopping 3/13/11

What I bought                                  Price            coupons used

1 Dial nutraskin lotion                       $4.99   used coupon for $2

1Tena untra thins                              $9.99   used coupon for $2.50

1 box Kelloggs special k                  $2.50   used cvs scanner coupon for $1off 2 &
1 box Kelloggs special k
 fruit and yogurt cereal                    $2.50   manufacturers coupon for $1 off 2

2 thermaflu trial pack  .99  each x 2= $1.98   used coupon for $3 off any 2 theraflu

1 Maybelline eye shadow                  $5.79    used coupon for $1.50

1 Maybelline eye liner                        $6.99   used coupon for $1.50

total                                     $34.74   -    coupons   $12.50  =  $22.24
How I paid

used a $4 off $20 cvs scanner coupon
used  $17.50 ecb
used .83 on cvs gift card

 $22.24 - 21.50ecb + .09 tax  = .83 oop (out of pocket) I used a cvs giftcard that I had gotten for free to pay the .83 cents
my receipt states, total you saved today $42.68

ecb's received to use next week

Dial                    3
Theraflu             .99
Tena                 9.99
Maybelline      4
green bag tag  1

Total ecb received   18.98
I have $3 unused ecb so I have $21.98 in ecb's to use next week

My total YTD savings is $1,233.10

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I have come to realize that it is totally unnecessary to pay top dollar for name brand merchandise  at  local drugstores. This took awhile to figure out and learn, but I think I have it figured out now and would like to share what I have learned to help others to learn how to pay only penny's on the dollar. As of 3/15/11 my 2011 CVS saving is $1233.10. That's over $120 a week in savings. That ads up to a whole lot of free stuff when playing the drugstore game. I will be posting my weekly shopping trips and would love others to post their cvs shopping trips as well. Any comments, feedback, tips or tricks from others are very welcome here,  we can all learn from each other. By using my CVS weekly sales and combining them with coupons and ecb’s (extra care bucks) deals I have been saving  hundreds of dollars every month and you can too. It’s a lot of fun, It’s so exciting when I walk out of the store with bags of stuff and usually only pay less then $1 out of pocket. I no longer pay for things like, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, deodorant, soap, laundry detergent, candy, gum, household cleaning supplies, over the counter medicines, and even cosmetics. Lets play!!