Total CVS YTD savings=$3,287.03

printable coupons

magazines, Inc.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

$5 Tylenol Precise coupon

Thanks to for the info. on this great coupon!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Saved $67.04

$1.41 oop

CVS trip 4/26/11

Today I started with $24.50 in ecb’s, or so I thought, there is a - $2.99 at the bottom of my receipt were all the coupons were deducted that I can’t figure out what coupon it could have been, so my best guess would be that it may have been an ecb that I overlooked.

 What I bought           Price                        Coupons used

 1 Blink eye drops      $7.99               $4 (coupon on package! Yeah! great MM)
got $7.99 ecb

 spend $10 on Crest 3d items get $5 ecb’s deal

 2 Crest pulsar $8.29x2= $16.58           $3+$3
1 Crest 3D toothpaste $4.29                   $1
Got $10 ecb (Limit was 2 for this deal, I spent $20 and got double the ecb’s)

 2 Dove Mens
deodorant .99x2=      $1.98                    $1+$.98

spend $15 on Biore, Curel or Jergens get $5 ecb deal

1 Biore
nose strips                  $7        $2 (found inside biore package purchased previously)

1 Biore
makeup remover         $7    $1 (found inside biore package purchased previously)

1 Biore
pore unclog cleanser    $7       $7 (buy 1 pore strip get any cleanser free coupon)
Got $5 ecb

$51.84-$22.98 in coupons=$28.86-24.50 in ecb’s=$4.36-$2.99? (not sure what the $2.99 off on my receipt was from, unless it was an ecb that I somehow missed)=$1.37+.04tax=$1.41 oop

ecb’s received

$7.99 blink drops
$10 Crest 3D products, spent over $20
$5 Biore Spent over $15

I now have $22.99 in ecb’s for next week

Monday, April 18, 2011

Saved $145.99 at Rite Aid 4/17 shopping trip

Rite Aid 4/17 Savings total = $145.99. Total oop on both transactions $11.72 oop
2 total transactions at Rite Aid Sunday 4/17.  I paid more then I expected but still a great savings.
Transaction # 1
wellness savings-$25.99
coupon savings-$63
paid $7.09
Transaction #2
wellness savings-$27
coupon savings-$30
paid $4.63
Transaction #1
What I bought           Paid                 Coupons used
3 Physician formula       $13.95              3x$5=$15
on sale b1g1 1/2off       $6.97
4 Nivea body 4x 3.99=   $15.96                 4x$3=$12
1 Cottonelle                   $6.99                    $1+$1 RAvv
4 Marathon   2x$1.49= $2.98                   $1RAvv
sale b1g1 free
          buy $15 burts bees and Sally Hansen get $5 ups
2 Burt’s bees $2.69x2=     $5.38                    $1+$1
lip balm
2 Sally Hansen $3.14x2=   $6.28                  $2+$2
1 Sally Hansen nail files   $2.24                    $1
*Didn’t get my ups for this deal because I miscalculated. I used the price on the shelf sign which would have totaled $15.10 but they rang up on sale
How I paid
$37 coupons
$2 off $10 coupon
$24 ups
$7.09 oop
Total items $69.67-$37 coupons=$32.67-$2 off $10 coupon=$30.67-24ups=$6.67+.42tax=$7.09
ups received
$5 Physicians Formula
$5 Nivea
$1 Cottonelle
I only have $11 for my next transaction now, should have had $16 but I messed up on the Burts bee and Sally deal.
Transaction #2
Buy $30 cleaning products get $10 up.
This transaction was confusing as well, the store was out of some of the items I had planned to buy and that always throws me off. I had some trouble figuring out which coupons on my receipt went with which products when writing up this post because my list and my receipt do not match up due to the purchasing of different items then planned.
What I bought             Paid                  Coupons used
1 Puffs                        .99                               .50
2 Windex 2/5            $5                       .50ra+.50ra+$1
3 nutra air 2/5          $7.50                       1.50+1.50+1+1ra
1 Gain                          .89                            1
1 spot shot                 $2.50                        1
2 Lysol spray 2/7        $7                              .75+.75
2 Dixie plates              $3.99                      2ra
b1g1 free sale
2 Finish gel caps         $6.49                         1+1+1ra
b1g1 free sale
How I paid
$16 coupons
$3 off $15 survey coupon
$11 ups
$4.63 oop
Total items $34.36-$16 coupons=$18.36-$3 off $15 coupon=$15.36-$11ups=$4.36+.27tax=$4.63
ups received
$10 for buying $30 cleaning products

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

CVS sneak peak ad preview for 4/17-4/23

Sneak peak next weeks CVS ad

Rite Aid trip 4/11/11

$0 out of pocket on 1st transaction at Rite Aid  4/11/11
Saved $26.46
I planned 2 transactions today that turned into 3 transaction,
because this Rite Aid is not very good about putting
up there sale signs. Transaction 1 went great with zero oop, no problems
transaction 2 went wrong and my ups did not print so you
will see in transaction 3 how I fixed that.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

.35 cents oop-saved $74.88

oop .35 cents, saved $74.88
My CVS shopping trip 4/10/11 total of 1 transaction

Transaction #1
*Today  I started out with $32.47 ecb to use from last weeks deals
*Today the magic cvs coupon machine printed me a $4 off $20 coupon,
and a $1.50 off 2 Colgate coupon,
this was wonderful since I already planned to buy the Colgate and
my order total was over $20.
I love the coupon machine-never know what your going to get!
Remember to always scan your ecb card before you start your shopping.
What I bought            Price          Coupons used

Sunday, April 3, 2011

.05 cents oop at CVS 4/3/11 saved $107.80

My .05 cents oop trip to CVS on 4/3/11.
Saved $107.80 today
YTD savings $1465.55
My CVS shopping trip 4/3/11 only 1 transactions
Transaction #1
Today  I started out with $16.50 ecb to use from last weeks deals
I scanned my ecb card as soon as I walked in the store and received $10 bonus ecb’s
and $5ecb’s for the beauty bonus. I also had an email from cvs with a
$5 off $ 25 purchase. Make sure you always scan your card and be sure to
sign up on the cvs site so they can send you valuable coupons by email.
**I don’t have time today to post my whole shopping trip because I
am leaving for Las Vegas in an hour!!! So this is just a quick rundown
of my trip to CVS today. I won’t be back until Friday!!
What I bought  
  spend $30 get $10 ecb deal
3 Dawn .99x3=2.97
2 aussie/herbal essenses shampoo
2 aussie/herbal essenses conditiner
4 aussie/herbal essenses stylers                
                                                  these were 2 for 5.49=$21.96
basic towels 8pk $5.99
                                                      total for this deal $30.92
got $10 ecb’s
2 betty crocker brownie mix .88x2=1.76
1 gum eeze $2
got $2 in ecb’s
1 complete eye solution $8.99
got $8.99 ecb’s
2 oral b manual toothbrushes $2.99x2=$5.98
got $1.98 ecb’s
1 crest rinse $3.49
got $2.50 ecb’s
1 almay bright eyes cosmetic $10.49
got $4 ecb’s
also received $1 ecb for my greenbag tag today
I found some really good clearance items today too:
1 laundry helper balls 2pk for .75
1 set of 6 colored pens for .25
1 pantene travel duo shampoo and conditiner for .55
1 wacky catnip for .54
Total for items purchased was $65.72+.17 tax
How I paid
coupons used                         $31.34
ecb’s used                              $29.50
$5 off $25 cvs coupon used      $5
$65.72+.17tax-31.34 in coupons-29.50 in ecb’s –5 off $25 cvs coupon= .05 cents oop
 My receipt states Today you saved $107.80
ecb’s received
Total ecb’s received             $30.47
plus $2 left over that I didn’t need to use
leaving me with     $32.47 for next week
Total YTD savings $1465.55