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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Saved $67.04

$1.41 oop

CVS trip 4/26/11

Today I started with $24.50 in ecb’s, or so I thought, there is a - $2.99 at the bottom of my receipt were all the coupons were deducted that I can’t figure out what coupon it could have been, so my best guess would be that it may have been an ecb that I overlooked.

 What I bought           Price                        Coupons used

 1 Blink eye drops      $7.99               $4 (coupon on package! Yeah! great MM)
got $7.99 ecb

 spend $10 on Crest 3d items get $5 ecb’s deal

 2 Crest pulsar $8.29x2= $16.58           $3+$3
1 Crest 3D toothpaste $4.29                   $1
Got $10 ecb (Limit was 2 for this deal, I spent $20 and got double the ecb’s)

 2 Dove Mens
deodorant .99x2=      $1.98                    $1+$.98

spend $15 on Biore, Curel or Jergens get $5 ecb deal

1 Biore
nose strips                  $7        $2 (found inside biore package purchased previously)

1 Biore
makeup remover         $7    $1 (found inside biore package purchased previously)

1 Biore
pore unclog cleanser    $7       $7 (buy 1 pore strip get any cleanser free coupon)
Got $5 ecb

$51.84-$22.98 in coupons=$28.86-24.50 in ecb’s=$4.36-$2.99? (not sure what the $2.99 off on my receipt was from, unless it was an ecb that I somehow missed)=$1.37+.04tax=$1.41 oop

ecb’s received

$7.99 blink drops
$10 Crest 3D products, spent over $20
$5 Biore Spent over $15

I now have $22.99 in ecb’s for next week

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