Total CVS YTD savings=$3,287.03

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Sunday, April 10, 2011

.35 cents oop-saved $74.88

oop .35 cents, saved $74.88
My CVS shopping trip 4/10/11 total of 1 transaction

Transaction #1
*Today  I started out with $32.47 ecb to use from last weeks deals
*Today the magic cvs coupon machine printed me a $4 off $20 coupon,
and a $1.50 off 2 Colgate coupon,
this was wonderful since I already planned to buy the Colgate and
my order total was over $20.
I love the coupon machine-never know what your going to get!
Remember to always scan your ecb card before you start your shopping.
What I bought            Price          Coupons used
1 Russell Stover
single egg                       .97             no Q
Get $.97 ecb
4 airwick refills @ $5each = $20       2b1g1=   $7.48
part of buy $20 get $10 deal            2 $1.50=  $3
2 biore skin care 2/      $15                     b1g1=$9
Get $5
1 bic soleil razor           $6.99                       $2
Get $3 ecb
2 colgate                       $7.98               $1+$1.50+
toothpaste                                           $1.50 cvs coupon machine
Get $2+$2ecb
1 Gain dish det.               $.97              $1 (actually took off $.97)
2 bags easter grass      $1.99                no Q (needed this)
b1g1 sale no ecb’s
                            Clearance  finds this week
2 Mesh with handle bath sponges  $1 each= $2
(there is only 1 of these in the photo because my daughter took one before I had a chance to take the picture)
     Total  $55.67-coupons $26.45-$4 off $20 coupon (printed at coupon machine today)=$25.22+.12 tax
How I paid
$24.99 ecb
$   .35 oop used my free cvs gift card
My receipt states Today you saved $74.88
Total ytd savings=$1540.43
ecb’s received
Russell Stover egg =             $ .74 ecb
Airwick spend $20 get $10 = $10 ecb
Biore spend $20 get $5=      $5 ecb
Bic Soleil razor=                  $3 ecb
Buy colgate get $2ecbx2=    $4 ecb
Total ecb’s received           $22.74
and I still have $$7.48 ecb’s left
next week I will start out with $30.22 in ecb’s


  1. Where did you get the $2 bic razor coupon? I found a printable one but it says soleil bella so i didnt think that would work.

  2. I'm sorry, I can't remember were I got that one, I'm almost possitive that it was not a printable though. It may have been from a magazine like all you or something. It may have been a coupon for $2 off any bic razor and since the soleil is a bic razor that would work too.

  3. Great trip! Like how you have everything organized by prices and such. Thanks for sharing!