Total CVS YTD savings=$3,287.03

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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Sneak peak CVS ad 6/26-7/2

.01 penny oop 2nd Cvs trip this week

.01 penny oop
$25.34 saved today
YTD Cvs savings $2240.61

So there were a few more items I wanted to pick up at Cvs this week so I made a sencond trip today. Scanned my card and got the $5 beauty ecb's so I started with $30.98.

What I bought                 Price                       Coupons used

1 Relvon nail                      $4.99                      $1
Got $3 ecb's
1 Pantene                            $3.49                      $2 received in the mail
Got $2 ebc's (bought one of these on Sunday too)
2 Emerald nuts                     $3                          $1.50
4 Powerbars
Sale b2g1free $2.87x2=      $8.61                   2x$1.59= $3.18

Total items $20.09-$7.68 coupons=$12.41+.09tax=$12.50-$12.49ecb=.01 oop

Ecb's earned
$3 Revlon
$2 Pantene
$5 Beauty club
$10 ecb's earned today plus $13.49 left = $23.49 ecb's to use next week.

.05 cents oop at Rite Aid 6/21/11 Saved $46.06

.05 cents oop
$16.36 wellness savings
$29.70 coupon savings
$46.06 total savings today

I thought I was starting with $17.99 ups but $2 of my ups expired, I don't know how I let that happen since I am there every week. So I started with $15.99 ups and a $3 off $15 survey coupon.

What I bought                      Price                           Coupons used

2 Colgate paste $2.99x2=     $5.98                          .35+.35= .70
Got $5.98 ups
2 Carefree $1+$1=               $2                                $1+$1=  $2
1 Samy Fat foam color         $8.99                           $5 Ra + $3 =  $8
Got $5 ups
2 Purex                                  $7.99 b1g1 free           $1 off 2=  $1
2 Finish dish                          $4.79 b1g1 free            $1 Ra

Total items $29.75 - $3 off $15= $26.75-$12.70 in coupons = $14.05-$14ups= .05 cents oop

ups received
$5.98 colgate
$5 Samy
$10.98  ups earned today plus $1.99 left, I have $12.97 to used on next weeks deals

**Please feel free to post your Rite Aid shopping trip below in  the comments section..

Sunday, June 19, 2011

.00 oop Cvs trip 6/19/11 saved $61.43

oop .00
Today you saved $61.43
YTD savings $2,215.27

 Started out with $14.99 ecb’s and 3 $10 Cvs gift cards that I got for free with my Pnc bank points.

 What I bought Price Coupons used

 3 Honest Tea                                     $3                                    3x$1= $3
2 Powerade                                       $2                        $1 (free powerade coupon from coke rewards)
Got $2 ecb’s

 1 bag Hershey bliss                           $5.99                                         $1
Got $5.99 ecb’s

 1 Colgate total                                  $2.79                                 $1+$1 cvs=$2
Got $2 ecb’s

 1 powerbar protein bites                    $2.49                                      $1 (included with free sample)
Got $2.49 ecb’s

 1 LA looks                                         $2.99                                             $1
Got $2 ecb’s

 2 Revlon nail $4.99x2=                     $9.98                                    2x$1= $2
Got $6 ecb’s

 8 Dove bars $1x8=                              $8                   4x.50 scanner Q’s+3x$1 off 2=$5
2 milkyway $1x2=                              $2                                                     .50
Got $3 ecb’s

 4 Lipton tea 4/$5                                 $5                   2xFRee from FB= $2.50
Got $1 ecb

 2 Pantene $3.49+$6.49                        $9.98                                 $3
I bought the wrong size of one of these, I meant to get 2 of the $3.49 which comes with $2 ecb’s the bigger size still comes with $1.50 ecb’s not as good of a deal, my mistake.
Got $1.50 ecb’s

 ecb’s earned
$2 honest tea/Powerade deal
$5.99 Hershey bliss
$2 Colgate
$2.49 power bar bites
$2 La looks
$6 Revlon nail deal twice
$3 candy deal
$1 Lipton tea deal
$1.50 Pantene family size deal
$25.98 ecb’s earned

 Total of items $54.22-coupons $22=$32.22-$14.99ecb’s=$17.23+.67 tax=$17.90-$17.90 of the $30 of free cvs gift cards = .00 oop. I still have $12.10 left on my free gift cards and I have earned $25.98 in ecb’s this shopping trip and the next time I scan my card I should get another $5 ecb’s for the beauty bonus, so I will have $30.98 in ecb’s to use next week.

You can get free Cvs gift cards at Swagbucks now too. Just follow this link to sign up

**Please feel free to ad your Cvs shopping trip deals below in the comments section of this post.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Cvs shopping trip 6/12/11 $5.13 oop saved $21.95

oop $5.13
saved $21.95
Total YTD Cvs savings $2153.84

 Today I started out with only $8.98 in ecb’s. Although Last weeks trip was great and I saved $103.77 and even got a free gazebo it left me with very little to work with for this weeks sales and the free CVS gift cards I ordered with my Pnc bank points didn’t arrive yet so I had more out of pocket then normal, but everything I purchased today comes out to be free with the ecb’s earned and I have increased my ecb’s spending power from $8.98 to $14.99. If I wanted to spend less oop I could have have purchased these items in separate transaction and used the ecb’s earned on each for the next item and would have only spent a few cents but I choose to spend a little more oop and do just one transaction so I could increase my ecb’s to get back in the game faster.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Sneak peak CVS ad 6/12-6/18

Sorry about the ad being so small this week, this was the best I could get.

Ad scan thanks to didie at

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Fix to my low ecb's situation

Since my last CVS shopping trip left me with only $5.98 in ecb's, oh my! I did 2 things to help get them up a little. First I went back to Cvs today and bought 2 John Freida products for $5 each and used 2 $5 coupons and received $3 ecb's for that deal and paid $0. Now I have $8.98 ecb's. Second, I checked my pnc bank point balance and had enough points to get 3 $10 CVS gift card for free and also got a $25 Kohls gift card while I was at it. The $30 in free gift cards will really help me to still shop with little or no oop while I work at getting my ecbs back up quickly. I will however try to see how long I can make the gift cards to last.

.02 cents Rite Aid trip 6/7/11

.02 cents oop
Saved $78.15
Wellness savings $26.17
coupon savings $51.98

Sunday, June 5, 2011

.11 oop CVS trip 5/5/11 Saved $103.77

oop .11 cents (total on 2 transactions)
saved $103.77 (total on both transactions)
Total ytd CVS savings $2,117.21

Saturday, June 4, 2011