Total CVS YTD savings=$3,287.03

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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Cvs shopping trip 6/12/11 $5.13 oop saved $21.95

oop $5.13
saved $21.95
Total YTD Cvs savings $2153.84

 Today I started out with only $8.98 in ecb’s. Although Last weeks trip was great and I saved $103.77 and even got a free gazebo it left me with very little to work with for this weeks sales and the free CVS gift cards I ordered with my Pnc bank points didn’t arrive yet so I had more out of pocket then normal, but everything I purchased today comes out to be free with the ecb’s earned and I have increased my ecb’s spending power from $8.98 to $14.99. If I wanted to spend less oop I could have have purchased these items in separate transaction and used the ecb’s earned on each for the next item and would have only spent a few cents but I choose to spend a little more oop and do just one transaction so I could increase my ecb’s to get back in the game faster.

What I bought                  Price            Coupons used

 Zyrtec 5ct                            $5.99               no Q
Got $5.99 ecb’s

Motrin pm 20 ct.                   $4                     $1
Got $3 ecb’s

Bayer advanced 20ct             $3                    $2
Got $1 ecb’s

Schick hydro razor                 $8                   $4
Got $4 ecb’s

Total items $20.99 –$7 in coupons =$13.99-$8.98 ecb’s=$5.01+.12 tax= $5.13oop

 ecb’s received
$5.99 Zyrtec
$3 Motrin
$1 Bayer
$4 Schick razor
$1 4th green bag tag scan
$14.99 total ecb’s earned to use for next weeks deals

 **Please feel free to post your shopping trip for the week in the comments section below. I love to read how everyone else saved.

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