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Sunday, April 3, 2011

.05 cents oop at CVS 4/3/11 saved $107.80

My .05 cents oop trip to CVS on 4/3/11.
Saved $107.80 today
YTD savings $1465.55
My CVS shopping trip 4/3/11 only 1 transactions
Transaction #1
Today  I started out with $16.50 ecb to use from last weeks deals
I scanned my ecb card as soon as I walked in the store and received $10 bonus ecb’s
and $5ecb’s for the beauty bonus. I also had an email from cvs with a
$5 off $ 25 purchase. Make sure you always scan your card and be sure to
sign up on the cvs site so they can send you valuable coupons by email.
**I don’t have time today to post my whole shopping trip because I
am leaving for Las Vegas in an hour!!! So this is just a quick rundown
of my trip to CVS today. I won’t be back until Friday!!
What I bought  
  spend $30 get $10 ecb deal
3 Dawn .99x3=2.97
2 aussie/herbal essenses shampoo
2 aussie/herbal essenses conditiner
4 aussie/herbal essenses stylers                
                                                  these were 2 for 5.49=$21.96
basic towels 8pk $5.99
                                                      total for this deal $30.92
got $10 ecb’s
2 betty crocker brownie mix .88x2=1.76
1 gum eeze $2
got $2 in ecb’s
1 complete eye solution $8.99
got $8.99 ecb’s
2 oral b manual toothbrushes $2.99x2=$5.98
got $1.98 ecb’s
1 crest rinse $3.49
got $2.50 ecb’s
1 almay bright eyes cosmetic $10.49
got $4 ecb’s
also received $1 ecb for my greenbag tag today
I found some really good clearance items today too:
1 laundry helper balls 2pk for .75
1 set of 6 colored pens for .25
1 pantene travel duo shampoo and conditiner for .55
1 wacky catnip for .54
Total for items purchased was $65.72+.17 tax
How I paid
coupons used                         $31.34
ecb’s used                              $29.50
$5 off $25 cvs coupon used      $5
$65.72+.17tax-31.34 in coupons-29.50 in ecb’s –5 off $25 cvs coupon= .05 cents oop
 My receipt states Today you saved $107.80
ecb’s received
Total ecb’s received             $30.47
plus $2 left over that I didn’t need to use
leaving me with     $32.47 for next week
Total YTD savings $1465.55

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