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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

My CVS shopping trips 3/8/11 total of 3 transactions

Example of rolling over your ecb’s, 3 separate transactions in 1 trip to pay the least out of pocket

Somehow I had 3 cvs coupons for $4 off a $20 purchase, this is unusual to get 3 of these in one week. You will find these in several places, at the bottom of a receipt, from the cvs scanner machine, in an email from cvs, in the mail from cvs. I think the 3 I had came from, 1 the bottom of my receipt when I picked up a prescription, 2 in an email, 3 the scanner machine.

1st transaction

What I bought              Price                        Coupons used
2 bags nestles bf eggs          2.50x2=$5         $1 off 2

2 bags nestles crunch eggs 2.50x2=$5        $1 off 2

2 bags sweet tart Easter    2.49x2=$4.98     2- .55x2=$1.10

3 bags whopper robin eggs 2x3=$6            $1 off 3

           Total $20.98- coupons $4.10=$16.88

How I paid

used $4 off 20 coupon
used $12 ecb
oop  .88

Used my free cvs gift card to pay the .88 making my oop $0
my receipt states-Today you saved $26.09

ecb’s received

spend $10 Easter candy get $3 ecb
spend $10 Easter candy get $3 ecb

Total ecb’s received           $6

2nd transaction                                                                                    

What I bought          Price               Coupons used

2 Wisk                  $5x2=$10            2x $2=$4

2 Pledge               $3x2=$6              b1g1 free=$3+$1= $4

2 Glade refills        $3x2=$6             2x$1=$2

Total $22-$10 coupons=$12

How I paid

used $4 off $20 coupon
used $7.99 ecb
oop $.01-one penny!!

My receipt states-Today you saved $42.73

ecb’s received

2 Wisk   $2
 Glade and Pledge, spend $12 get $4

Total ecb received   $6

3rd Transaction                                                               

What I bought          Price                Coupons used

Revlon nail polish     $4.99              $1

Revlon eye loner       $7.49              $1

Old spice deodorant $4.99             

Old spice body wash $4.89            $4.89 coupon for free body wash with purchase of deodorant

Totals           $22.36--$6.89 coupons=$15.47+.03 tax=$15.50

How I paid

used $4 off $20 coupon
used $11 ecb’s
oop   .50 cents

My receipt states- today you saved  $27.19

ecb’s received

Revlon eye liner $4
Revlon nail polish $3
Old spice deodorant $1

Total ecb’s received $8

My total saving for the day was $96.01
My total items on sale prices was $65.34
My total coupons used was $32.99
My total out of pocket for all 3 transactions $1.39 not counting the cvs gift card I used
and I left the store with $21.98  ecb’s to use next week

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  1. Wow, 3 $4/20's at once! I never get those any more. Thanks for linking up your CVS shopping trip at Simply CVS.