Total CVS YTD savings=$3,287.03

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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Todays shopping trip 3/20/11

My CVS shopping trip 3/20/11
Saved $78.46 Paid $3.45 YTD savings $1310.86
 total of 2 transactions
Transaction #1
Today  I started out with $21.98ecb to use from last weeks deals
What I bought    Price          Coupons used
Cobroxin                    $18.99             none
Get $18.99 ecb
Glide dental floss       $3.49                $1 off 1
Get $2.50ecb
2 Salonpas  $2.49x2=$4.98             2 x $3=$6
no ecb’s for these
     Total  $27.46-coupons $7=$20.46
How I paid
$   .47 oop
Used my free cvs gift card to pay the .47 making my oop $0
my receipt states-Today you saved $29.29
ecb’s received
Buy Cobroxin get $18.99 ecb
Buy Crest or oral B get $2.50 ecb
Total ecb’s received           $21.49 pluse $1.99ecb  leftover
2nd Transaction
   started with $23.48ecb
What I bought        Price          Coupons used
Allegra 5ct.                        $6.99             $2 off 1
Get $6.99ecb
2 Arm and Hammer          $6.99
Spin brush                         $6.99            2 x $3=$6
Get $2ecb limit 2. I purchased 2 so I received $4ecb for this deal
2 Oral B                                $5.49   B1G1 free up to $2.99
2pk manual toothbrushes $5.49   $1 off 1 = total coupons $3.99
Get $2ecb limit 2. I purchased 2 so I received $4ecb for this deal
5 Reese pb eggs .50eachx5=$2.50   $2 cvs reeses cadbury coupon
5 Cadbury egg   .50 (somehow there is only 1 of these on my receipt, I didn't notice this until I came home)
2 bags Hershey bliss $4x2=$8           $1.50 cvs coupon, $1 manufacturer
Get $3ecb when you buy $10 Hershey easter candy
Total $42.95-coupons $16.49
How I paid
$2.98 oop
Used my free CVS gift card to pay the $2.98 making my oop $0
My receipt states-Today you saved $48.47
ecb’s received
Allegra                                   $6.99
2 Arm and Hammer s
spin brush                              $4
2 Oral B manual brush 2pks  $4
Hershey spend $10 Get          $3
Total ecb’s received             $17.99
Total YTD savings including these 2 transactions is $1310.86


  1. I really wanted to try those patches and my store didn't have them. Great trip!! Thanks for linking up your CVS shopping trip at Simply CVS.

  2. I haven't tried the patch yet either. I'll have to let you know how they are. It's nice to try new things when you can get them for FREE!!