Total CVS YTD savings=$3,287.03

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Monday, May 9, 2011

.13 cents oop CVS shopping trip 5/8/11 Saved $57.83

saved $57.83
ytd CVS savings $1799.50
                                                        CVS shopping trip 5/8/11
Started off with $20.54 ecb and a $5 off $30 cvs coupon. I also had a coupon good cvs coupons that expired about a week ago that matched up nicely with the sales, so before I started my shopping I asked if I would still be able to use them and the manager ok’d it since they were cvs Q’s, they do not except expired manufacturer coupons at my store but they will take an expired cvs coupon as long as it expired within in week or so.
What I bought                        Price                   Coupons used
2 Revlon lip $7.49+$7.89=        $15.38        $3 off any $10 cosmetic/cvs machine Q
Got $7ecb                                                    $2+$2 manufacturer Q
                                                                     $5 off any 2 Revlon cvs Q
1 Herbal essences 2/                  $5.97         $1+$1 manufacturer Q
1 Herbal essences
Got $2ecb
3 Excedrin $5.59+$5.59+$4.79=   $15.97    $5 off 2 Excedrin cvs Q
Got $7ecb                                                     .75x2=$1.50 manufacturer Q
                                                               (I had three .75 Q’s but only 2 on my receipt,
                                                                 so one didn’t get scanned)
                                                             (there was an additional $1.18 discount for buying 2,
                                                              this was a sale I was unaware of until I noticed it off my
                                                               receipt when I got home)
1 twin pack Clear Care          $14.49       $5 off clear care twin pack cvs Q
Got $5ecb                                                $1.50 manufacturer Q
Total $51.81-$5 off $30=$46.81-coupons $28.18=$18.63-$18.54ecb=.09+tax.04= .13 cents oop
ecb’s received
$7 Revlon
$2 Herbal essences
$7 Excedrin
$5 Clear care
$21 ecb’s earned,  plus I had $2 ecb’s left over leaving me with $23 ecb’s for next week


  1. Wahoo! Oh, you know you're feelin' good.

  2. haha, you know it Heather! Feels reeeeeel good!

  3. Thats amazing! Thanks for sharing and visiting.

  4. OH I forgot about the excedrin! I just found out I was out the other day from the last time I stocked up! Thanks for the reminder!

  5. OMG what an awesome trip! How do you do it? I never walk away with that much stuff for that little OOP. How did you get all the CVS coupons? The only scanner ones I get are almost always for candy. *Trying not to be selfish over here* :-)

  6. Jessica-Most of the time I get only the candy ones also, but these came from the scanner machine a few weeks ago, some were expired about a week or so ago but I showed them to the manager and he said I could still use them. I love my CVS, they are so wonderful!