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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Rite Aid trip 5/17/11

$12.10 oop
saved $80.04

Rite Aid shopping trip 5/17/11

I’m having an off day, to much oop at both Rite Aid and CVS today, wow! Everything purchased is not shown it the photo because I needed to pick up some items for someone else and I stopped by and dropped off the 2 polidents, 2 poligrips and 2 disinfectant wipes before coming home. Since I did not do separate transactions my total oop as stated here is figured out with the reimbursement for those items, she does not use coupons and doesn’t even care what’s on sale and does not want to bother with ups savings, so any coupons used for those items were not counted toward the reimbursement and the items she needed actually helped me get some ups I wouldn’t have gotten otherwise. I started out today with $10ups and a $3 off $15 store survey coupon.

What I bought                                     Price             Coupons used

 2 Polident $4.49x2=                              $8.98        total of $6 worth of coupon
2 Poligrip $4.49x2=                             $8.98         for polident and poligrip RA vv
2 disinfectant wipes $2.51x2=             $5.02              no qs

1 Biotene                                             $5.99             $2vv+$1
1 sensodyne                                        $4.49               $1.50vv+ .75
1 Aquafresh                                         $2.50              $1.50vv
Got $10 ups for doing this deal twice my friends items helped me here

2 Rimmel foundation $8.99+$4.49=    $13.48           $2+$2
sale b1g1 1/2off
2 Rimmel lip $6.49+$3.24=                 $9.73              $2+$2
sale b1g1 1/2off
Got $5 ups

 2 Airwick starter kits                          $12.99             $4+$4+$1vv
sale b1g1 free
Got $2 ups

 2 Crest toothpaste $2.99+$2.99=       $5.98            $1 off 2
Got $4 ups, did this deal twice

Total items $78.14-$3 off $15 Q=$75.14-$30.75 coupons=$44.39-$23 reimbursement=$21.39-$10ups=11.39+.71 tax=$12.10oop

ups received

$10 spend $15 get $5, spent over $30
$5 Rimmel
$2 Airwick
$4 Crest deal times 2
$21 ups to use on next weeks deals

Todays total wellness and coupon savings $80.04

**Please feel free to share your shopping trip for the week in the comments section. I would love to see what great deals everyone else found.

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