Total CVS YTD savings=$3,287.03

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Monday, May 23, 2011

.92 cents oop Cvs trip 5/22/11

.92 oop
saved today $22.14
YTD savings $1922.63

Very small CVS trip this week. I started out with $20 ecb’s

What I bought                          Price             Coupons used

 2 Revlon nail $4.99x2=             $9.98              $2+ $2
Got $8ecb

 3 Stride gum .99x3=                  $2.97               $1 off 3
Got .99ecb

 1 Reinventing beauty                    .99               no Q
CVS magazine
(This has CVS coupon in it!!)

 1 pack of 36 post it tabs             $4.89              no Q

 Items total $18.83-$5 Q’s=$13.83-$13 ecb+.09tax= .92 cents oop

ecb’s received

$8 Revlon deal 2x’s
.99 Stride gum deal
$1 green bag tag 4th scan

$9.99 ecb’s earned plus $7 ecb’s left over, so I have $16.99 ecb’s for next week. I believe I should receive a $5 ecb’s beauty bonus at the coupon machine next time I scan my card as well so I should have $21.99 in ecb’s for next time.
** Please feel free to post your shopping trip in the comments section, I would love to see how everyone else saved this week.


  1. I think my trip will be small this week, too. But still always great savings to be had. Thanks for linking up your CVS shopping trip at Simply CVS.