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Friday, May 13, 2011

2 Rite Aid trips 5/10 & 5/11 .58 cents total. What a mess I made of these lol

.58 cents oop Rite Aid trips 5/10 & 5/11
I made quite a mess out of this one. lol

Started off with $11ups and a $3 off $15 survey coupon

.58 cents total on 2 trips to Rite Aid this week. Mistakes were made, by me, on the first trip yesterday, I don't know what I was thinking but I just had to go back an fix it today. I was trying to do the buy $20 get $10ups deal and for some reason I thought that Eucerin was part of that deal and it is not. This one Rite Aid here never puts up their signs so it can sometimes be confusing as to which items are the sale items. So today I went back to returned the 3 Eucerin items I bought and buy the correct items, the cashier told me that the manager was at the other CVS and it would be best if I went there for the return. I had no problem with that, I needed to go there anyway to see if that store had any Tylenol precise left since my closer store was sold out anyway. I explained to the very nice manager how I bought the wrong items for the deal and needed to return the wrong items and would be purchasing the correct ones today, I also made sure he knew that I did use coupons for the items being returned and circled them on the receipt. After a bit of thinking and figuring, (he wasn't sure how to do the refund with the coupons and all.) he did the refund for $15.71 and put it on a gift card. At one point I told him I would just keep the items because I didn't want to be so much trouble. He told me it was ok and that he would do the refund for the full purchase price and forget about the coupons used because there was no way to give them back to me and they would be getting reimburst for them anyway.

Transaction #1 5/10/11

What I bought                      Price            Coupons used

3 Eucerin hand 3x$4.94=    $14.82        $1.50x3=$4.50
oops, bad me

2 Aveeno lotion                  $3.49           $3 off 2
buy1 get 1 50% off             $1.74

2 Finesse items                    $3.99            $1+1
b1g1free                               free

Total for items $24.04-$3off $15 survey Q=$21.04-Q's $9.50=$11.54-$11ups+.04tax=.58oop

So I used all the ups I had and did not receive any ups back, this is were my troubles began.:(

Transaction #2 (the next day fixer) 5/11/11

What I bought                   Price                    Coupons used

2 Lubriderm                    $1.99                       $1
sale $2 off each               $1.99                       $1

1 Aveeno
sale $2 off                       $5.49                        $1

2 Aveeno skin               $7.99                         $3 off 2
brightening scrub          $3.99
sale b1g1 50%off

2 Finesse                        $3.99                       $1+1
sale b1g1free                    free

Total for items $25.44-$3 off $15 survey Q=$22.44-Q's $8=$14.44+.87tax=$15.31-$15.31 on gift card from the return in transaction #1=$0 oop. and there is still .40cents left on the gift card.

Now my $10 ups printed, yeah, what a lot of work those $10 ups were to get but I can't complain, it was my own fault for not payingbetter attention to wha

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