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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

My bad oop CVS shopping trip 5/17/11

oop $16.12 (I know, that’s a lot for me)

Todays savings $32.20

YTD savings $1900.49

My bad oop Cvs shopping trip 5/17/11

Wow!! A lot of out of pocket this week for me, my cashier was even surprised, she stood there waiting for me to hand her more coupons and when I didn’t have any more she said “wow that’s a lot for you, what happened?” I must admit, I didn’t plan well before heading out, which really shows how important having a solid plan is to saving at CVS. I actually considered skipping CVS this week, I didn’t really think there were enough good deals but I went anyway so I could post it on my site for my readers. I was almost to ashamed to post my trip, but my site is to help others learn and I hope this will show everyone how important making and sticking to a plan really is. I didn’t do very well at RIte Aid this week either, I will be posting that trip shortly as well. Started out with $16 ecb’s for this weeks CVS trip.

What I bought                         Price                    Coupons used

Neutrogena spray tan                 $13.49                    $2
Neutrogena sunblock                  $8.99                      $2
Got $10ecb

Band aids                                   $3.79                         $1.50 wyb both
Neosporin                                  $5.49                      bandaid & neoporin
Got $3ecb

3 Eucerin $5.79+$5.79+$5.99=    $17.57                    $1.50x2=$3
Got $5ecb                                                    (thought I had 3 of these, couldn’t find the 3rd)

1 Lady speed stick                       $2.99                        .50
Got $2ecb

I also used coupons from the CVS printer machine

$3 off $10 health care (the Neutrogena deal counts toward the healthcare coupon as well as the band aid and neosporin)

$3 off skin care

Total for items $52.32-$3 off $10 cvs printer Q health care=$49.32-$3 cvs printer Q off skin care=$46.32-coupons $9=$37.32-$16ecb’s=$21.32-$6.21(amount left on my free CVS gift card)=$15.11+1.01 tax=$16.12 oop

ecb’s received

$10 Neutrogena spend $15 get $10 deal
$3 wyb band aid and Neosporin
$5 Eucerine spend $15 get $5 deal
$2 lady speed stick
$20 ecb’s to use for next weeks deals

**Please feel free to share your shopping trip for the week in the comments section. I would love to see the great deals everyone got this week.

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